About Me

Welcome to Viles.info, a site about me to show off my skills.

I've always been intertested in IT from a young age, about elementry school. I saw our librian crack open a Widnows 98 computer to fix a Disk Drive. From then on I've always been fansinated with computers and how they Work. In High School, I learned how to build and manage websites. I got good enough that I helped create a Site for my School's Boys Soccer Team. We were able to stream the games when we were home. I made it a goal to always upload the away games to be playable by Monday Morning to allow people to watch.

When the coaching staff changed my senior year, I had to decommision the site before I left. That senior year, I also helped an English teacher start publishing his lectre so studets on all paths can learn. I still manage the back end of www.learnstrong.net, while training some students to manage the publishing of contents and learning web development. From there I've moved to Richmond, VA still managing the site.

I currently hold an Associates of Science with a Major of Computer Science from J. Sargeant Reynolds. I am currently enrolled at Liberty University, to earn a Bachelors of Science with a Major of Information Technology with Specialization in Data Networking and Security. Forcasted Completion of Fall 2020. I've worked various jobs in IT and various industries.

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